There are very few essential purchases as an affiliate marketer. But an AUTORESPONDER is one.  Think of this as your constant virtual assistant.  Your autoresponder – once you tell it what to do – will carry out your instructions, without fail, every time a potential purchaser contacts you.

Let’s say someone decides to “opt in” to your list  – you will send them out messages through your autoresponder.

For affiliate marketers there are 2 main ones to choose from.


Get Response

There is very little to choose from them – as both are excellent.  For those in UK Get Response bills me in GB£.  But Aweber bills in US$.

Be very careful about using certain free autoresponders, as their terms of service do not allow affiliate marketing.

Both Aweber and Get Response offer free trials.  I suggest you check them, and their training, out, and go with the one that suits you best.

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