Your number one priority is to come up with a domain name that suits you and is easy for your followers to remember and recognize. Something short and catchy will often do the trick, like 3 Fat Chicks who offer weight loss support or Dumb Little Man who provides tips about life.

.com’s often work the best as that is what most people are used to. At this point, .net is becoming more universal as well, so that is an option you may want to consider.

“Ah”, you might say, “all the good domain names have gone.” Not true!

Here is an excellent site to search for available domain names,

Once you have decided on your domain name you need to decide where to purchase it from.  Some companies offer competitive domain name prices.  Others offer competitive hosting.  It is not necessary to purchase your domain name and hosting from the same place as it is simple to link your domain name to your hosting

A quick and competitive place to buy domain names is Namecheap.