Where do I start about being an iPro Partner?, a business I came across by accident a couple of years ago.  You know what it is like – you are probably doing the same – putting searches into Google such a as “work from home” “make money online”

The iPro Partner program provides you with everything you need to start and grow your own online business  – which has the potential to earn you a full time income.

COMPREHENSIVE TRAINING  – video training in the iPro Partners membership site, teaching you everything you need to know from the ground upwards.  And for the first 3 months you also receive live online training three times a week covering strategy, technical and motivation from Dean and his team. (You also have LIFETIME live weekly webinars through the Affiliate Club, which is included in the one-off payment – amazing value).

PRODUCTS – For a one off payment you get a lifetime licence for 90% commissions on the front-end and upsell products. Also 90% commission on the recurring income product “Affiliate Club”. You receive $1,000 (yes $1,000) commission on each back end sale.  All the offers are highly optimised and tested to convert, and  more products are being introduced and will be rolled out over the next few months..

CONVERSIONS – You will need to drive traffic to the products, how you do this is very much is up to you – and of course there is comprehensive training on free and paid traffic methods. You can drive traffic directly to the sales funnels, – where all the follow ups are done for you, or you can build your own list to market to. Dean Holland  encourages and trains partners to develop their own blogs and lists, before driving traffic to his funnels.
However what stands this progam way above any other is the fully optimised funnels which help you to get sales. And for the higher end products, Dean’s team discuss the products with those who have asked for more information to ensure the product is right for them and they are a good fit for iPro.  There is Lifetime customer tracking – so anything a lead buys any time in the future is credited to you.

SUPPORT There is a dedicated support desk to solve any questions an issues you may have with the program.  I also love the Facebook group, which is a community where other partners, Dean and his team are very supportive and help each other. Most days you will also find live broadcasts in the FB group from Dean – which are affectionately knows as “The Daily Dean”  and from others.

TOOLS  The Members area has all the tools you need to run your business. You create links and can check statistics on how all your links perform. You can check your sales ledger. You can also request to be notified by email immediately when you get a sale (and it is a nice feeling to check your emails in the morning and realise you have been earning money overnight).  There are also banner ads, and email swipes.  Payment processing and product fulfilment are done for you.  Payments are issued monthly through Paypal. They also deal with all customer support.

WIIFM?  (What’s in it for me?) This business model suits me because I do not want to have to create products, I do not want to have to create sales funnels. I want all the products, training, support and tools available for me. iPro is suitable for beginners to IM, for people who have tried to earn online. and for full time marketers wanting to add additional sales streams.

CAN I REALLY DO IT? –  If you take action you will not fail with this. It does require work to drive traffic.  It is not a magic button. It is not a shiny object. All the training and support is there and everything set up for you – the funnel, the products, the follow-ups. It really is up to your mind-set and the action you take (for which there is great training and peer support).  The ball really is in your court.
As you may know,  a widely stated statistic is that 97% of people who try internet marketing do fail.  It is only 3% who make money.  Why should this product be the one that makes you succeed?  Well, if someone buys it, then doesn’t follow the training, or utilise the support, and doesn’t drive traffic to the ready built funnels, then, realistically they will still fail. And they will probably go on to buy another shiny object to try. My recommendation is that if you are serious about earning an online income, you treat this as a business. Yes it does require investment, but with your focus and action you have the potential to build a sustainable and passive online income.

BUYING – AND THE FUTURE  At the time of writing it is still possible to become an iPro Platinum Partner for a one time investment of $1,997, no recurring fees.  If this link is still live you can Secure your place and be grandfathered in at this price.  This will change soon as more products, training and services and much more have been added to the members area in September 2017.

KNOW LIKE AND TRUST –  I attended a live 2 day iPro Partner event with Dean, his team and many other partners in London  earlier this year. As with everything Dean does it was value packed content. It was also good to meet up with other members of his team and other partners and share our stories, journeys, ideas and successes. The event confirmed my gut feeling that I had when I first joined that this is an ethical business, with good people at the helm. I am so glad I decided this was the business I was going to invest and move forward with.