So where do you find Affiliate Products to promote?  And how do you decide which ones to promote?  Firstly think of the products you use yourself, that you are happy with, and therefore would be able to talk about knowledgeably with your audience.  Quite often you will find small link in your product (usually named “Affiliates”) which will tell you about their affiliate programme and let you sign up.

Main Marketplaces to find digital products to promote:-

Also worth a look …

Where to find Product Launches

Go to to find products which are due to be launched, the affiliate platform they are on, the amount and % of commission they are paying affiliates

Product Launches v Evergreen

A product in a product launch may just be available to buy for a fixed period of time. By having an end date and sometimes price increases over time, this encourages people to take action and buy the product while it is still available and at a lower price.  Scarcity encourages action taking and it is pleasing to see your ledger at the affiliate program get sales in the countdown to the close of the offer..

Evergreen products are always available and always needed. So gone is the false scarcity.  The plus side as an affiliate is that you can promote these products permanently  e.g. with links in your websites, blogs, in forums etc.